3681441007_b3b7c0d834_zThe Collège de France, a unique higher education and research institution in Paris, makes available a wide range of video and audio recordings on its website.

I found a number of lectures on financial markets and stock exchanges, intellectual property, global governance, climate change, European law, and so much more.

Sadly for non-French speakers, it seems from my limited searches that those lectures given in English are only available interpreted into French. Any reader daring enough to try to suggest to this venerable institution that they also make them available in the original language(s)? ;-)

The recordings can be accessed here. There also podcasts (see here), and an iTunesU channel here.

“Ce que le Collège de France, depuis sa fondation, est chargé de donner à ses auditeurs, ce ne sont pas des vérités acquises, c’est l’idée d’une recherche libre…” Maurice Merleau-Ponty.