Monday smile – Translating academic-speak into business-ese

Strictly speaking, today’s Monday smile is deadly serious. I just find rather whimsical the idea of it being necessary to “translate” in order to enable these two worlds to communicate.* However, as many of us know, business and academia do speak different languages.

jargonA research project being carried out in Paris has recently been reported in the press. Students from the linguistic engineering department at the University of Paris 13 have developed, using corpus techniques, a search engine to bring together the corporate world and universities.

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Dear Readers – Do you like the new design?

I thought that it was about time I “repainted” the blog environment to freshen it up. Another concern was to make it more friendly for tablets and other mobile devices. So… as you can see, I’ve taken the plunge, and I’d love to have your opinions.

Do vote below, and you can also email me if you have specific suggestions.