Stop press – Official forum to collect evidence on UK court interpreting scandal

The ongoing scandal in the UK relating to the outsourcing of court interpreting services to Applied Language Solutions/Capita (see this post) reached the Parliamentary select committee last week, which can watched online at:

The Justice Committee has launched a call for evidence as an online forum (kudos for being so up-to-date!) but it will close in two days, on 2 November 2012.

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Corporate finance glossary

I recently came across a very comprehensive glossary on treasury, risk and corporate finance, published on the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) website. ACT is based in the City of London, and is a professional body defining standards, promoting best practice, and supporting continuing professional development.

The glossary in monolingual (English only), but covers a wide range of terms, and is well cross-referenced. You can find it here:

If you work in the financial field, you might also be interested in this post about a forthcoming workshop in London, and this post about credit default swaps.

Clear video guide to the US legislative process

As a change from all the election fever going on at the moment, I thought you might enjoy this simple video presentation of the legislative process that has recently been placed online by the US Congress.

There are also eight short podcasts about related points, and transcripts are provided for both video and audio clips.

Monterey offers 5-day course in court interpreting (2013)

The well-known Monterey Institute of International Studies is offering a 5-day course, details of which can be found below. I’m sure that many of you will have heard of the eminent Holly Mikkelson. Monterey also runs translation courses regularly. My only regret for those of us outside the US is that they don’t run more courses that can be attended online.

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Lessons in powerful writing (from a lawyer, of all people!)

I feel sure that good writing is key for most readers, so I think you’ll enjoy this entertaining and informative guest post by Clare Lynch, chief business writing expert at Doris and Bertie, a communications agency that helps businesses write in a way that’s “clear, honest and to the point”. This post originally appeared on Good Copy, Bad Copy, a blog about business writing run by the agency. Clare is currently doing a Law degree in her spare time.

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