Call for volunteers – the China Guiding Cases Project

Stanford Law School is making a call for volunteers who can read Chinese. I have reproduced the details below (with permission). Apply by 30 June to work with the CGCP over the coming year! It’s an excellent opportunity to gain experience, and with two highly prestigious institutions (Stanford and Monterey). Even if you are not personally concerned, please pass this post on to those you know who might fit the profiles. Thank you! 🙂

We are currently accepting applications to be part of the CGCP team!

What will new CGCP team members do?

All CGCP team members will work closely with our team of law students in China, translation students from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and experienced editors from Stanford Law School to produce high quality products aimed at advancing understanding of Chinese law both inside and outside of China.  The particular tasks you will do depend on your interest, your Chinese language ability, and your legal background.

Who are we looking for?

CGCP is mainly focused on translating Chinese legal materials into English. As such, we aim to recruit two kinds of people. First, we look for those able to (1) write with native English fluency, (2) read Chinese to the level of being able to understand a Chinese legal opinion in detail, and (3) understand general legal principles and procedures at a Juris Doctor candidate level. Second, we look for those able to (1) read with native Chinese fluency, (2) write English at the level of being able to express concepts contained in legal opinions in detail, and (3) understand general legal principles and procedures at a high level. Knowledge of Chinese law is an asset but not required for both types of applicants.

How much responsibility does being a CGCP team member entail?

Because we currently cannot predict when the guiding cases are issued by the Supreme People’s Court, our work tends to be high-intensity for short durations.  We use a system that gives our editors maximum flexibility: When a new project becomes available, we will announce the opportunity to the team, and you can volunteer if you are available. The average amount of time committed by members of the team in the past has been 20 hours/task.

We ask for a 12-month commitment from each new member of the team.  During this time, we ask that each new member be involved in:

  • The translation of at least one guiding case and/or commentary, AND
  • Producing, with a partner, a short summary of one area of Chinese law.
  • If you want to do more, you certainly can!

Although CGCP team member positions, like many other public interest positions, are unpaid, we strongly believe that they will offer unique learning and networking opportunities for law students and attorneys.

How to apply?

If you are interested in becoming a CGCP Editor, please prepare the following:

  • Statement of Interest.  Write a concise statement of interest explaining why you are interested in becoming a CGCP team member, AND
  • Translation Exercise.  Complete a short translation exercise so that we can get a better sense of your Chinese language ability.  Please email to obtain the exercise as soon as you know you’re interested.

Please email your statement of interest and translation exercise, along with your resume, to by June 30, 2012.

This is the website:

By the way, if you are wondering – the above is one of China’s national flowers, plum blossom.

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