Book publication: Multilingual Policy-Making in the European Union

The OAPEN network for open access books, funded by various European research councils and funds, has made available the title “The Language(s) of Politics: Multilingual Policy-Making in the European Union” by Nils Ringe and just published by University of Michigan Press.

Multilingualism is an ever-present feature in political contexts around the world, including multilingual states and international organizations. Increasingly, consequential political decisions are negotiated between politicians who do not share a common native language. Nils Ringe uses the European Union to investigate how politicians’ reliance on shared foreign languages and translation services affects politics and policy-making. Continue reading

Book publication – Langues et langages juridiques

Published two weeks ago… if I’m not mistaken, following a colloque held in Bordeaux in 2018. Very interesting – and great to see the approach of getting different actors around the same table. 😊

Au-delà de l’approche classique et purement juridique par le droit comparé et l’étude des droits étrangers, l’ouvrage privilégie une approche pluridisciplinaire élargie, associant des juristes, des linguistes, des traductologues et des didacticiens autour d’une même thématique : la question des langues et des langages juridiques.Continue reading

Book – Glosario terminológico judicial francés-español: Aclaraciones traductológica

“Este glosario de términos judiciales francés-español es el resultado de una larga y profunda investigación, que nace a partir de una experiencia profesional en traducción jurídica y judicial de más de dos décadas y de las publicaciones previas de la autora.

Pretende ser, ante todo, un recurso documental útil para sus destinatarios: alumnado y profesorado de grado y posgrado, traductores e intérpretes, investigadores y juristas, del ámbito de la traducción e interpretación jurídicas y del derecho comparado. Continue reading

Book – Legal Translation and Bilingual Law Drafting in Hong Kong

Legal Translation and Bilingual Law Drafting in Hong Kong presents a systematic account from a cross-disciplinary perspective of the activities of legal translation and bilingual law drafting in the bilingual international city of Hong Kong and its interaction with Mainland China and Taiwan in the use of legal terminology. Continue reading

Book publication – La Personne, fortunes d’une antique singularité juridique

Cet ouvrage retrace la lente élaboration, d’abord juridique, puis théologique, morale, philosophique, politique et littéraire de la notion de personne dans les sociétés occidentales. On s’y interroge aussi sur les récentes contestations de cette notion encore jeune, et plus fragile qu’on ne croit.

The table of contents is as follows, and each chapter can be purchased individually for 2 euros. Continue reading

Book publication – La traducción de contratos de compraventa inmobiliaria

The translation of real estate contracts, and in particular between Spain and Ireland, is the subject of a new book co-authored by the estimable Miriam Seghiri and published by Peter Lang. It is available in ePub, PDF and hardback formats.

Publisher’s synopsis Continue reading

Book publication – Intercultural Communication in Interpreting: Power and Choices

Publisher’s synopsis: Navigating and resolving issues in intercultural communication is an integral part of the interpreter’s role on a daily basis. This book is an essential guide to the interpersonal dimensions of intercultural communication in a variety of key interpreting contexts: business, education, law, and healthcare. Continue reading

Podcast – Women and Justice

I’d like to bring the attention of Portuguese speakers to a podcast series that complements the book Mulheres e Justiça (see this post for more details).

In conversations about violence, sexual and reproductive rights, harassment, career, and criminality, among other topics, the co-authors and special guests seek to understand how the rights of women, especially Brazilian women, are handled in practice. Continue reading