Reporting from London – Why is legal language so complicated?

guest bookFor this guest post, I am delighted to welcome Danaë Hosek-Ugolini, a legal, business & shipping translator and experienced English solicitor who holds a diploma in legal studies from Oxford University and a Master’s in private law from the equally august University of Paris II. Her language pairs are French & Greek into English and Greek & English into French.

Danaë has kindly agreed to report on a recent event in London that I’m sure will interest you all.

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Guest post – Uso y el abuso de la voz pasiva en el lenguaje jurídico

babel14Today I am delighted to celebrate the Day of Multilingual Blogging by welcoming some faithful WordstoDeeds readers – Ruth Gámez González and Fernando Cuñado de Castro, who are freelance translators specializing in Law and Finance from English to Spanish.

guest bookThey have been working together since 2008 and run a really helpful and informed blog named “El jurista-lingüista” ( Ruth is a law graduate and a translation and interpreting graduate, and is also a sworn translator for the English language appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fernando is a law graduate and holds an MBA. They both teach legal translation at Universidad de Comillas in Madrid. They say that they like to call themselves🙂 “lawyer-linguists”.

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