Guest post – Traduction du contenu juridique – le juste milieu entre rigueur intellectuelle et impératifs commerciaux

Today I am really pleased to be able to offer you a post in French, by Manuela Ciuruc. She has some interesting suggestions about working with agencies.

Manuela is a translator and lawyer-linguist who works in French, Romanian and English. She has worked for large international groups, and took the prestigious Masters juriste-linguiste at the University of Poitiers, as well as a Masters in Translation Studies. She worked on the translation of the Romanian Code of Civil Procedure.

The full title of the post is “Traduction du contenu juridique – le juste milieu entre rigueur intellectuelle et impératifs commerciaux (Faudrait-il toujours imposer les principes de qualité en traduction juridique en tant qu’indépendant, lorsque votre collaborateur direct n’y semble pas intéressé ?)“.

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Guest post – The Louisiana Civil Code Translation Project

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Mariano Vitetta, a law academic and legal translator originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After completing an LL.M. in Comparative Law, Mariano is now a Research Associate at the Center of Civil Law Studies, Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University in the United States. His current project is translating the Louisiana Civil Code into Spanish.

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Call for Guest Posts

Hello everybody!

As you know, this blog features Guest Posts from time to time, so I’d like to remind you all that you are most welcome to submit your ideas.

It would be lovely to give a voice to some of my loyal readers – and new ones too of course.

My only criterion is that posts need to be within the scope of the blog – i.e. something connected with translation and the law. Posts do *not* need to be in English, au contraire !

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Reading Glass Project

Half a billion people in emerging countries have no access to reading glasses. Countless million Americans go to the countries where glasses are needed. What if each traveler brought a pair of readers with them and gave them to the first person they saw that needed them? What if that person was YOU?

Guest post – The challenges and pitfalls of legal translation

For this guest post I am pleased to welcome John O’Shea, a highly experienced Greek-English legal translator with a background in law, for his insights into the  challenges and pitfalls of legal translation. He also describes how he went into translation, his views on the best ways to specialize in this field, and the particularities of legal translation when a language of limited diffusion such as Greek is involved.

John is currently on the European Board of FIT (the International Federation of Translators), and also has been a university lecturer. Continue reading