Life as a Parliamentary archivist

guest bookToday it is my pleasure to interview Mari Takayanagi, who has worked in the Parliamentary Archives in London in various roles including public services, outreach, preservation and access, since 2000. She has a particular interest in the history of women and Parliament, and is currently involved in projects to mark 100 years of women and the vote in 2018, and women in the law in 2019.

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Life as a judge and rapporteur public

guest bookIt is a real pleasure to introduce today’s guest post in the form of an interview with Johann Morri, a judge at the Administrative Court of Versailles, in France. He studied law both in France and in the United States, where he was a law clerk for a Federal Judge in the District of North California for several months. He also served at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance & Industry, where he led the international law office within the Department for Legal Affairs.

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Life as a rural court interpreter

Today’s guest post is by Kathleen Shelly, a Spanish/English certified court interpreter and translator working in Delaware and Maryland in the United States. It was also published last week by NAJIT (the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators), of which Kathleen is a highly respected and senior member.

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Life as a freelance court reporter…

I am delighted to introduce today’s fascinating guest post from Cheryll Kerr, a freelance court reporter from America who has taken depositions far and wide – from Europe to the Middle East, as well as in the States. This high-powered job requires incredible skills – I’ve seen them in action and I was amazed. Continue reading