Job vacancy – Head of Terminology, NATO

NATO has advertised for a Head of Terminology, based in Brussels, Belgium, with application deadline 31 May 2023.

The Head, NATO Terminology Office (NTO) is responsible for the NATO Terminology Programme (NTP), advising all NATO Standardization Office Branches on terminology aspects, supporting the development of NATO agreed terminology across all domains, chairing and providing secretarial support to the MC Terminology Board (MCTB) and maintaining the NATO Terminology Database (NATOTerm).  The Head (NTO) is responsible to the Head, Policy and Coordination Branch. Continue reading

UNESCO launches Women4Ethical AI expert platform to advance gender equality

In late April, UNESCO, in line with its work to implement a global ethical framework for artificial intelligence, launched Women4Ethical AI, a new collaborative platform to support governments and companies’ efforts to ensure that women are represented equally in both the design and deployment of AI.

The platform’s members will also contribute to the advancement of all the ethical provisions in the UNESCO’s Recommendation. Continue reading

Practice Note on interpreters at Federal Court, Australia

A new Federal Court Practice Note has just been issued by the Chief Justice, mainly to implement the recent second edition of the Recommended National Standards for Working with Interpreters in Courts and Tribunals published in 2022 by the Judicial Council on Cultural Diversity.

The main purposes of the practice note are: Continue reading

Video guide to EU call for tenders

The European Commission has helpfully produced a video guide to assist potential applicants interested in the new call for tenders for translation services (#TRAD23).

The video contains four presenations:

  • an overview of outsourcing at DG Translation
  • the specificities of the TRAD23 call for tenders
  • preparation of your bid
  • an overview of how the tenders will be evaluated.

Continue reading

HCCH adopts Spanish as third official language

In a historic decision this week, Spanish was adopted as third official language of the HCCH – Hague Conference on Private International Law as of 1 July 2024.

The official announcement notes: “It is a triumph for multilinguism & multilateralism benefiting over 24 member States & treaty parties & 700M people worldwide. The decision will foster participation at HCCH meetings of Spanish & Portuguese speaking countries & a better implementation of the conventions benefiting all States parties connected by the conventions worldwide”. Continue reading

Survey on ergonomics and health among translators and editors

The estimable Emma Goldsmith, a medical translator with a background in nursing, is conducting an anonymous survey to gain an overview of workstation set-ups, break strategies, and upper-body problems of translators and editors, and to investigate how respondents counteract the negative impact of working long hours at the computer.

The survey, on the platform ‘EU Survey‘ made available by the European Commission, has 18-35 questions (depending on your responses) and will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Continue reading

Job opportunities – United Nations

There are several openings currently for positions in translation, revision, editing and interpreting at various offices of the United Nations.

You wll find links below to the relevant application pages.

Locations include the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Santiago, the UN Office at New York, the UN Office at Geneva, the UN Office at Vienna, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Continue reading

Call for proposals – Clear Writing for Europe 2023

The European Commission is inviting representatives and practitioners involved in plain language to present at this event which will showcase ways in which plain language can support European democracy and transparency through clear language.

The main conference will try to answer:

  • how plain language acts as a tool for democracy and outreach to the public;
  • how we can make clear writing the default setting, and use it to reach a wider audience (drawing together good practices from across the EU);
  • how can plain language help us communicate on complex topics like climate and energy.

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Prior notice of European Commission tenders for translation services

On 2 February, DG Translation of the European Commission gave prior notice that in early March they are launching a new call for tenders for 50 language combinations.

Information sessions are also announced.

“Individuals (submitting joint tenders, for example), organisations and other groups of economic operators can apply. Continue reading

International Criminal Court launches French and Spanish versions of case law database

On Friday, the International Criminal Court (ICC) launched the French and Spanish versions of the ICC Case Law Database (CLD). The CLD is an easily searchable database of the Court’s jurisprudence providing free access to the entire case-law of the ICC in English, and to the available translations in French and Spanish. Continue reading