WordstoDeeds will be restarting on 1 February!

Dear Readers,

After an extended absence to focus on an exciting project and a long rest, this blog will restart its usual frequency of two to three posts a week as from 1 February 2021 – just to give me time to do some technical tweaks behind the scenes.

I do hope you are all coping with the current health and economic crisis, and despite it all wish you a Very Happy New Year.

Thank you so much for your patience and your support. I really look forward to continuing this journey with you all!

With best wishes


Reading Glass Project

Half a billion people in emerging countries have no access to reading glasses. Countless million Americans go to the countries where glasses are needed. What if each traveler brought a pair of readers with them and gave them to the first person they saw that needed them? What if that person was YOU?

Monday smile and an update

Hello dear readers,

My apologies for recent silence which has been due to ill health. The blog will be taking a summer rest, resuming normal service in mid-September.

Wishing you all a great August.


Here is a little smile in the meantime…



Special journal issue on EU Legal Culture and Translation (open access)

A special issue of the International Journal of Language & Law (JLL) has just been published (volume 7, 2018), on the subject of EU legal culture and translation, guest edited by Vilelmini Sosoni and Lucja Biel.

JLL is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed e-journal which offers a forum for research on the interdependence of language and law in all of its facets, from theoretical approaches to practical problems. The journal is entirely free of charge to authors and readers, and publishes content under a CC-BY license.

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