Monday smile – Unprecedented transformation

It has been a busy week in AI news… including a personal injury case¹ in the US where a lawyer filed submissions which were “replete with citations to non-existent cases”. Yes, you did read that correctly. The lawyer used ChatGPT to prepare the document and unfortunately the AI system invented the cases cited. Oops.

The lawyer even claimed that he was “unaware of the possibility that its content could be false”. Hmm. So what of the massive caveat window that appears before you use the service?

Have a good week. 😊 Continue reading

Job vacancy – Head of Terminology, NATO

NATO has advertised for a Head of Terminology, based in Brussels, Belgium, with application deadline 31 May 2023.

The Head, NATO Terminology Office (NTO) is responsible for the NATO Terminology Programme (NTP), advising all NATO Standardization Office Branches on terminology aspects, supporting the development of NATO agreed terminology across all domains, chairing and providing secretarial support to the MC Terminology Board (MCTB) and maintaining the NATO Terminology Database (NATOTerm).  The Head (NTO) is responsible to the Head, Policy and Coordination Branch. Continue reading

UNESCO launches Women4Ethical AI expert platform to advance gender equality

In late April, UNESCO, in line with its work to implement a global ethical framework for artificial intelligence, launched Women4Ethical AI, a new collaborative platform to support governments and companies’ efforts to ensure that women are represented equally in both the design and deployment of AI.

The platform’s members will also contribute to the advancement of all the ethical provisions in the UNESCO’s Recommendation. Continue reading

Book publication – Translating Crises

Translating Crises, recently published by Bloomsbury, explores the challenges and demands involved in translating crises and the ways in which people, technologies and organisations look for effective, impactful solutions to the communicative problems.

The chapters reflect on and evaluate the role of translation and interpreting in crisis settings.

Covering a diverse range of situations from across the globe, such as health emergencies, severe weather events, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, conflicts, and mass migration, this volume analyses practices and investigates the effectiveness of current approaches and communication strategies. Continue reading

Free online courses on public policy by the United Nations (EN, FR, ES, PT, Arabic)

The UN System Staff College (UNSSC) is committed to innovative learning and training programmes focused on public policy.

It offers a range of courses either online, face-to-face, or a combination of both, and has campuses in Turin and Bonn.

There are programmes on sustainable development, peace and security, as well as leadership and management. The online programmes are offered in several languages – a current selection brings up French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic, as well as English. Continue reading

Monolingual and Parallel Legal Corpora of Arabic and English Countries’ Constitutions

We have news this week from a good friend of this blog (and speaker at the WordstoDeeds Conference 2017 at Gray’s Inn), Dr Hanem El-Farahaty. She informs us of the publication of her latest paper which discusses the building of diachronic corpora including all available constitutions of 22 Arabic countries. Continue reading

Monday smile – Sneezing dragons go head to head

We have all had to read tedious and sterile judgments. So when one comes along illustrated with cuddly green dragons, life immediately becomes more cheerful.

Last week the English legal commentator David Allen Green examined the hot topic of “cute baby dragons” in an intellectual property case heard at the High Court of Justice in London. Are you sitting comfortably?

This should set the tone: Continue reading