Plants and communication

rootsAttendees of #W2D2017 received a plantable badge. 🙂 As Jenny W. said, the “intended metaphor is clear enough”. We all hope that the conference will have lasting and continuing effects on our profession.

Part of this post is to pass on some planting advice, but that got me thinking back to a fantastic project in Tuscany, Italy, the inception of which I was lucky enough to visit, on rendering signals emitted by the roots of an olive tree. Intrigued? Read on. This is translation as we have never known it…

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Guide to insolvency proceedings across Europe

finan-crisisThe large accounting and professional services firm Deloitte has just published A guide to pre-insolvency and insolvency proceedings across Europe. The guide gives an overview of the EU Regulation on insolvency, and looks at regimes in 19 European countries (16 EU Member States and 3 non-EU Member States) by distinguishing pre-insolvency proceedings and insolvency proceedings.

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Videogallery – UN careers in translation, interpreting and more

Multilingual insights into translation, interpreting, and précis-writing careers at different United Nations offices can be found in this videogallery.

Job descriptions for these careers – and more, such as copy preparers, reference assistants and terminologists – can be found under the “Careers” tab, while the tab “eLibrary” contains “Useful links”.

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