Book publication – Shaping EU Law the British Way

Last week saw the publication of Shaping EU Law the British Way: UK Advocates General at the Court of Justice of the European Union, a significant part of which looks at the opinions of a great champion of translators and translation – Eleanor Sharpston.

In this book, leading scholars of EU law, judges, and practitioners unpack the judicial reasoning offered by the UK Advocates General in over forty cases at the Court of Justice, which have influenced the shape of EU law. The authors place the Opinions in the wider context of the EU legal order, and mix praise with critique in order to determine the true contribution of the UK Advocates General, before hearing the concluding reflections by the UK Advocates General themselves. Continue reading

Monday smile – What on earth…

This week, I came across a scarcely credible clause in the terms of a service of the contentious corporation Amazon. Reported in 2016 on Spiceworks, it is, amazingly, still online. In fact, according to the webpage, it was updated 6 days ago!

Lumberyard, by the way, is apparently a freeware cross-platform game engine.

So here we go, the Service Terms of Amazon Web Services:

Continue reading

Transius Talk – Le cadre juridique de la traduction institutionnelle dans les États plurilingues : éclairage historique sur les cas de la Suisse et de la Belgique

After a two-year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce that the Transius Talk Series will resume this year.

On Monday 28 November 2022, Sophie WEERTS (University of Lausanne) will give a lecture entitled “Le cadre juridique de la traduction institutionnelle dans les États plurilingues : éclairage historique sur les cas de la Suisse et de la Belgique”. It will take place at 12.15pm (CET time) in Geneva. Continue reading

Conference – La traduzione giuridica: università e mondo professionale in dialogo

The Department of Legal, Language, Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Trieste is organising a conference entitled “Legal translation: academia and practice in dialogue” from 1 to 2 December 2022 – which will also be streamed.

The conference’s main aim is to provide a forum for dialogue between scholars and practitioners with a shared interest in legal translation. The conference starts on Thursday, 1 December 2022, at 15:00, and ends on Friday, 2 December 2022, at 18:00. The conference will consist of three panels and the papers will be delivered in Italian or in English.  Continue reading

Book publication – État des lieux de la traductologie dans le monde

I’ve been waiting for the publication of this tome for ages. And here it finally is!

Résumé: L’ouvrage aborde les aspects essentiels de la traductologie dans de nombreux pays d’Europe, d’Asie, du Moyen-Orient et du Maghreb, d’Amérique du nord, d’Amérique du sud et d’Océanie, que ce soit sur le plan de l’histoire, de la théorie, de l’enseignement ou de la pratique de la traduction.

Nombre de pages: 850 Continue reading

Traineeships Lawyer-Linguist, European Central Bank (DE, IT, FR, EN)

The European Central Bank has four vacancies for trainee lawyer-linguists in the following: German, French, Italian and English as main language.

Hurry to apply for the German vacancy (closes today), although the English vacancy closes on 1 December, the Italian vacancy closes on 2 December, and the French vacancy closes on 5 December. Continue reading

Call for papers – Canadian Symposium on Language and Law

A Canadian Symposium on Language and Law will take place at York University, Toronto, Canada from 16-18 June 2023.

The Canadian Symposium on Language and Law will draw together both researchers and practitioners from all areas of language and law (e.g., linguistics, psychology, sociolegal studies, policing, law) and those working within the often siloed subfields such as jurilinguistique, jurilinguistics, legal linguistics, and forensic linguistics, in order to build a research network that will facilitate the coalescence and growth of the field in Canada and will address Canadian justice issues. Continue reading

Le grand lexique français de l’intelligence artificielle

We are having a French week on the blog so far, n’est-ce pas ?😊

“Le grand lexique français de l’intelligence artificielle est le premier outil exhaustif de référence de langue française en science des données et en intelligence artificielle pour la fonction publique, les entreprises, la recherche et l’enseignement. Continue reading