Monday smile – Random recycling rules

Degree in Domestic Recycling Arrangements launched

Following the launch of a new Recycle More initiative, domestic recycling arrangements are now so complicated that Universities are offering degrees in the subject. The courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to understand the bewildering complexity of the range of items that can be recycled via what council-supplied receptacle on what day of the week. Continue reading

Monday smile – A tight knit group

Couldn’t resist this one… from The Times newspaper. In an attempt to improve the well-being of high-flying lawyers who regularly suffer from burnout due to very long hours and unrelenting pressure: “Linklaters, one of the City’s five “magic circle” law firms where full equity partners earn on average Β£1.6 million a year, has come up with a “workplace wellbeing app” that includes tips on how to produce the cable knit jumper of every partner’s dreams”.

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