Monday smile – Cheats will out

An elaborate scheme for cheating at law exams hit the media last week. A few years ago, in Spain, a law student apparently etched (!!) a number of Bic biros with crib notes. Newsweek reported: “The pens were confiscated from a student ‘a few years ago’ during an exam on ‘criminal procedural law’ and they only resurfaced while a law professor was recently tidying up her office.” Continue reading

Monday smile – Bees are fish (or not)

A few days ago, the California Supreme Court denied a petition to review the California Court of Appeal’s decision holding that bees are fish. 😊

“To be more specific, it held that bumblebees fall within the definition of “fish” provided in California Fish & Game Code section 45 for purposes of determining whether the bees can be “endangered species” under that code.” Continue reading

Monday smile – Tucker, grub, barbies, nosh or scran?

*update due to tech glitch!*

The Australian National Dictionary Centre (ANDC) is looking for new contributions for the Australian National Dictionary, with a focus on food-related words and phrases.

The ANDC is based at the Australian National University and supported by Oxford University Press.

As word of the year 2016, democracy sausage was selected because of its increased prominence in Australia in a year of election campaigns.😊 Continue reading