Enveloppe blancheToday’s post is especially for the French speakers among you. The juricourriels (literally translated ‘legal emails’) are an initiative of the Centre de ressources en français juridique at the Université de Saint-Boniface in Canada to encourage those in the legal sector to read, on a regular basis, a short text of a legal nature highlighting a term or expression, a legal concept, a mini-glossary (FR/EN), or a legal summary. They relate in particular to the Canadian legal context, but may well be of interest to all those working with French.

“Pour demander que votre nom et adresse électronique soit ajoutés à la liste d’envoi du Centre de ressources en français juridique, vous n’avez qu’à en faire la demande à l’adresse juricourriel@ustboniface.ca.”

You may also like to consult the clearly laid out website here. The target audience is described as: “juristes de la common law d’expression française de partout au pays (praticiens du droit, stagiaires, traducteurs juridiques, rédacteurs législatifs, auxiliaires de la justice, juges, professeurs de droit et étudiants en droit) sans toutefois se limiter à ces derniers“.

Greece, Corinth CanalCredit: Hat-tip to Inge N. who brought this to my attention.

One thought on “Juricourriels

  1. This is a very useful resource. I can’t believe the wealth of information they have on this website. Although I come from France, this will definitively help me with my translation projects (as long as I check that what works in Canada is also applicable in France). Thank you for thinking of French native speakers!

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