Workshop – Translating crime fiction, London, UK

4645272943_b5a6bc0acd_zThe Chartered Institute of Linguists is offering a one-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop on Translating Crime Fiction, to be held on Friday 17 January 2014.

The workshop will be run by Dr Karen Seago, Director of City University London’s ‘Translating Popular Culture’ MA.

This workshop will introduce participants to typical features of crime fiction such as dual narrative, fragmentation, intentional ambiguity, and indeterminacy and considers these in relation to translation. It will consider what challenges the different genres, formal features and themes pose and address issues such as reader involvement, rhetorical manipulation, voice and register.

The series of workshops of which this forms a part will be repeated in autumn 2014.

Location: Dunstan House, 14a St Cross Street, London, EC1N 8XA.

For further information click here.

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