Cameroon General Tax Code

8255201177_1fb49166b2_cI recently came across an official translation of the Republic of Cameroon’s General Tax Code 2010 and thought it might be of interest…

A PDF version of the Code translated into English can be downloaded from here, whilst a PDF of the French version is available here.

Non-French speakers who would like to do further research should note that many English pages of the official website of the Directorate General of Taxation of the Republic of Cameroon are, for the moment, under construction or, as they put it, “On the making…“.

Specific photo credit: In case you’re wondering, I decided to forsake the usual pictures of sun and luxuriant vegetation for this wonderful atmospheric shot by Alfred Weidinger of the Maison de Nattes, Salle d’Audience, Palace of Sultan Mahamat Bahar Marouf of Logone-Birni, Cameroon.


Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: The above versions of the Code date from 2010. Readers consulting this post should check for any updates that might be in application.

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