Conference – Theories, practices & instruments of forensic linguistics

romatreA conference entitled “Theories, practices and instruments of forensic linguistics”, is being organized from 1-3 December 2014 jointly by the Sapienza University of Rome and the University Roma Tre.

The conference is an innovative mix of physical and virtual attendance.

The first day will be attended ‘physically’ at the University Roma Tre. It will consist of two plenary lectures and a round table on the transcription of wiretapping and environmental intercepts. These activities will be videoed and included in the conference website for all participants.

Participation at the second and third day of the conference will be virtual. Prerecorded videos by presenters will form a web conference during 2 & 3 December, which will also include an open forum and a chat (or video chat) to embrace debate on the contributions presented.

The focus of the conference is on the discourses of legal and judicial institutional contexts, with particular attention to interactional exchanges at various levels and fields of justice.

Areas to be covered:

  • Courtroom interactions
  • Rituals of judicial interaction
  • Narration as evidence in testimonies
  • The symbolic value of space
  • The construction and use of corpora of judicial discourses
  • Multilingualism and linguistic diversity in courtroom interactions
  • Mediation in forensic contexts
  • Wiretapping and environmental interceptions
  • Transcription of wiretapping and environmental interceptions
  • Career opportunities for forensic linguists

For more information, see this notice. Information about registration will be coming soon at the same URL.


Credit: Hat tip to Dr Gianluca Pontrandolfo for making me aware of this event.

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