Global Law Summit round-up


Magna Carta

Last week, a one-off three-day event entitled The Global Law Summit (GLS) was held in London, UK, to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta. 

The Global Law Summit brought together 2,000 leaders in law, business, government and academia from all around the world.

The declared aim of the summit was “to champion the Rule of Law as the foundation of the best commercial environment for business growth and for fair societal development, grounding the legacy and values of Magna Carta in the increasingly globalised economy of today“.

The full programme of the three days can be found here, whilst you can get an overview of the event at the website of The Law Society Gazette, which published a timeline of tweets as the speeches and sessions unfolded.

Those who are interested can also find a full English translation of Magna Carta on the British Library website.



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