Certificate in transnational law, Geneva, Switzerland

geneveI have been made aware¹ of a Certificate in Transnational Law (CTL) being offered by the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

Here is the course description:

What is the Certificate in Transnational Law (CTL)?

The CTL is a one- or two-semester programme (30 ECTS) that provides students with a chance to specialise, early in their career, in international legal affairs. The extensive course offerings allow students to tailor their studies according to their particular interests, be it public or private international law. These courses are also taken by the regular law students at the university which helps incoming students feel instantly part of the faculty’s student body. The University of Geneva has a long-standing reputation in international law and is one of the top universities worldwide in this field. All courses in the CTL program are taught by leading specialists experienced in the practice of international law (public or private). CTL students are required to take a course on comparative methodology and to choose four optional courses among a long list of courses taught in English or French. It is possible to complete the whole programme in either English or French, or to combine courses taught in English and French.

More information can be found here. A welcome meeting for CTL students will take place on Monday, 14th September 2015.


¹With many thanks to Jonathan Goldberg.

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