Conference – Seventh Annual Legal Interpreting Symposium 2017, Sydney, Australia

On 21 April 2017, the School of Humanities & Languages at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia will hold its Seventh Annual Legal Interpreting Symposium.

It is a half-day event, entitled “CAUTION: Police and interpreters talking – A dialogue between interpreters and the police“.

The aim of the Symposium is “to examine the status of interpreting in police settings, discuss the interaction between police and interpreters, share concerns and discuss ways of improving interpreted communication”. The Panel discussion will “allow police and interpreters to establish a direct dialogue with each other, explain their professional needs and expectations, and relate the highs and lows of working together. Improving the interpretation users’ and interpreters’ understanding of each other’s professional role and needs will lead to the development of a ‘best practice’ approach to working together in police settings.”

To register, see The University of New South Wales website here.

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