Monday smile – Italenglish

Not sure whether today’s post is really a smile, because languages are precious things… Still, Annamaria Testa’s wit should certainly bring amusement to your Monday in this excellent talk on “itanglese” entitled “From Bello to biutiful: what’s going on with the Italian Language?“.

Testa is a publicity and communications expert and university professor, and the founder of #dilloinitaliano.

Dal 1989 al 1997 è stata docente al master dell’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia. Ha insegnato “Teorie e tecniche della comunicazione creativa” in varie università: tra il 1994 e il 1995 all’Università La Sapienza di Roma (facoltà di sociologia); dal 1998 al 2006 all’università IULM di Milano (facoltà di scienze della comunicazione); tra il 2001 e il 2002 all’Università degli Studi di Milano e all’Università degli Studi di Torino; dal 2007 insegna presso l’Università Bocconi di Milano continuando ad essere consulente di diverse grandi aziende.

Nel febbraio 2015 Annamaria Testa si è fatta promotrice dell’iniziativa #dilloinitaliano che mira a ridurre l’uso frequente e arbitrario di termini inglesi, il cosiddetto itanglese, in particolare nel linguaggio dell’amministrazione, aziendale e pubblicitario.

Annamaria Testa is an expert in communication and creativity. She has been a journalist since 1988 and founded the company “Progetti Nuovi” in 2005. She collaborates with various newspapers and several media companies, including Italy’s national public broadcasting company–RAI. She has taught at major Italian universities and since 2007 has been teaching at Bocconi University.

In 2012 she was the first woman to join the Hall of Fame Italian Art Directors Club. Since 2008 she has been managing the “Nuovo e utile” website, a no-profit initiative devoted to theory and practice of creativity. Since 2012 she has been a columnist for the weekly newspaper “Internazionale”, and has been a member of the Board of “La Permanente” located in Milan since 2013. She is also the author of a collection of short stories and essays about creativity and communication.


If your Italian is rusty, you might like to use the closed captions to show Italian subtitles (click on CC at the bottom right of the TED screen). Wouldn’t recommend the auto-generated subtitles though. Dreadful.

2 thoughts on “Monday smile – Italenglish

  1. Thank God we have someone like Annamaria Testa that flies the flag of our language. The “verybello” campaign has been a long-debated topic in Italy and the issue of Anglicization is (alas!) still underestimated by our society

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