Book publication – Translation and Public Policy

If you are interested in the wider implications of translation, and how it is – or isn’t – integrated into public policy, this scholarly volume is for you.

The book covers areas such as linguistic justice, language planning and language policy, interpreting in the higher education system, policy evaluation, and translation and the law.



Overview of contents:

  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on translation policy: New directions and challenges
  • Translational justice: Between equality and privation
  • Translation as marginalisation? International law, translation and the status of linguistic minorities
  • From language planning to translation policy: Looking for a conceptual framework
  • Comparative language policy and evaluation: Criteria, indicators and implications for translation policy
  • Political philosophy and scientific translation: When individual interest does not translate into collective benefits
  • Educational interpreting as instrument of language policy
  • Law and translation at the U.S.-Mexico border: Translation policy in a diglossic setting.


For further information (and a discount!), see the publisher’s flyer.

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