Monday smile – Dognition and dogmatics

Want to identify whether a dog is “Renaissance Dog”, “Protodog”, “Maverick”, or “Stargazer”? Then you need to participate in the Dognition project.

But what is “dognition” I hear you ask.

To find out more, go to Coursera, and the MOOC will tell you all about it.

Or sign up for the Dognition citizen science project here. 🙂


Hat tip to friends at the esteemed Language Log blog for making me aware of the above. And also…

You might like this scientific (?) paper about Dogmatics, which includes such gems as:

  • a model that is at the sub-fur level
  • recurrent bark propagation
  • just as the neuroscientists do with horseradish peroxidase.



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