Monday smile – Nutella riots

Although Nutella was created by an Italian company, Ferrero, the product is also a deeply rooted part of food culture in France – especially for breakfast and as a tea-time snack. So when the supermarket chain Intermarché decided to run a promotion with a 950 g pot of Nutella at EUR 1.41, it was bound to be very popular.

However… it was *way* more popular than the retailer expected.

Pots have been thrown. Hair has been pulled. Blood has been drawn. Pots have been hidden in shops to be recovered at a later date. The newspaper Le Parisien talked about “La folie Nutella“, while the radio station Europe 1, amongst many other media spectators, deplored the “Emeutes Nutella” (Nutella riots). The BBC has more.


You might also like this post on the occasion of World Nutella Day, or this one about a court case preventing parents from calling their baby girl Nutella.

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