Monday smile – Deciphering jargon at the World Economic Forum

Regular readers will know how much I ‘love’ jargon. So when I saw the BBC coverage of Davos referring to it as a “crime against the English language”, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂

Here are just three extracts, but there are plenty more at the link below. Sigh.

Material improbabilities

“Producing an inventory of material emerging risks requires both divergent and convergent thinking: on the one hand, thoughtful research and wide-ranging consultation; on the other, an effective mechanism for triaging issues and aligning on top concerns.”

Visioneering the future

“Visioneering? Please no. I mean no, no, no, no and no.”

Where we net out with this

“Euch. Just euch.”


You can enjoy (?) more examples over at the BBC website.



Photo credit: World Economic Forum, by Christof Sonderegger

2 thoughts on “Monday smile – Deciphering jargon at the World Economic Forum

  1. Definitely made my day… (or, rather, night). Fortunately don’t have to translate any of this. Otherwise I would seriously give a thought to suicide… Just kidding, but…

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