Monday smile – Reporting from the UK summer

The heatwave in the UK is causing quite a bit of unexpected havoc…

A round-up of press and social media

  • More people have been dining al fresco, with demand for quiche up 11% and worries about a lettuce shortage.
  • The high pressure in the UK could mean rain in Spain.
  • Passengers on the London Underground have been enduring temperatures as high as 35.4C, which is five degrees hotter than the legal maximum for transporting cattle.
  • Gritters are out in parts of the country as roads melt in the heat.
  • Train tracks are buckling.
  • “Shouldn’t complain, should we.”
  • The UK does not have air con. No. Air. Con.
  • Are you even British if you don’t say ‘it’s too hot’ about 20x a day when it’s sunny?
  • The heat abroad is so much better than the heat in England.
  • Too hot to drink tea.

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