Resources – Tax Worldwide

In the same vein as Thursday’s post on guides to property and related law, you might be interested in a resource offered by the accounting and professional services firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited).

The Worldwide Tax Summaries series used to be published annually in PDF format, but this ceased in 2018/2019. The older guides may, however, be useful if you are translating a non-current document.

Now, an online tool is updated and maintained regularly throughout the year, and the print functionality of the online tool allows users to print or create PDF versions of a territory’s corporate and/or individual tax summary in real time.

The summaries cover 152 territories worldwide, for both corporate and individual taxation, relating to types of taxes, relief, treaties, tax administration, significant developments, key decisions, and more.

Although the main pages are in English (which may be useful in any case if one of your languages is English), when you click through to the individual countries and then to the local branch link on the right-hand side you will often find documents and even podcasts in the language of that country.


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