A Conversation with Professor Sir Robin Jacob

To celebrate World IP Day*, the Faculty of Laws at UCL has organised an online panel talk with the eminent Professor Sir Robin Jacob.

Having enjoyed a distinguished career spanning 40 years as a leading member of the IP Bar, a High Court Judge and then a judge in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, he has left an indelible mark on IP laws in the UK and influenced the law’s development in Europe and beyond.

On retirement from the bench, Sir Robin joined UCL Laws as the Sir Hugh Laddie Professor of Intellectual Law. He receives regular invitations to give lectures and keynote speeches around the world, is consulted on IP matters by the European Commission and the UK government and serves as President of the Intellectual Property Judges’ Association. In 2018, Sir Robin was sworn in as a judge at the new Astana International Financial Centre court in Kazakhstan, and until the UK withdrew from the project, he chaired the Advisory Panel on the Selection and Training of Judges for the (hopefully still) forthcoming Unitary Patent Court.

Find out more here.

The event is free, but registration is required: see here.


* an event established by the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2000 to “raise awareness of how patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on daily life” and “to celebrate creativity, and the contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe”. 26 April was chosen as the date for World Intellectual Property Day because it coincides with the date on which the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization entered into force in 1970.

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