Monday smile – Barely honest

This week The Guardian newspaper published this story: “Bear famous for Italian bakery break-in reappears after attempt to rewild him”. Of course I just had to find out more…

The bear has apparently “been a regular visitor to the town and became a social media star after breaking into a bakery in Roccaraso last November and eating a batch of freshly-made biscuits”.

The break-in led to him being captured and banished to a remote area in the mountains, but he was soon back, leading to a second capture in early March and a period in the enclosure.

At the time, the owner of the pasticceria, Marina Valentini was quoted as saying… “My husband had popped to the bakery,” she said. “I was at home, expecting him for dinner, when he called and said: ‘Marina, there’s a bear in the bakery’. My first response was: ‘Have you been drinking?’” 😊





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