Book publication – Technology is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics

Publisher’s synopsis: Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics addresses one of today’s most pressing problems: how to create and use tools and technologies to maximize benefits and minimize harms?

Drawing on the author’s experience as a technologist, political risk analyst and historian, the book offers a practical and cross-disciplinary approach that will inspire anyone creating, investing in or regulating technology, and it will empower all readers to better hold technology to account.

Some reviews quoted by the publisher:

“Stephanie Hare makes an important and very timely contribution to our current debate over the power of Big Tech and the seemingly inexorable advance of artificial intelligence. Using telling examples from the past and the present she obliges the reader to consider the price humanity can pay for new technologies and how we can and must think ethically about their use.” — Margaret MacMillan, Emeritus Professor of International History, University of Oxford.

Technology Is Not Neutral is a clear-eyed look into the real-world and immediate implications of technological systems. The book provides a cautious but optimistic view of the potential for humankind to create responsive and responsible technology, using an interdisciplinary focus that is both engaging and empowering to the reader.” — Dr Rumman Chowdhury, director of Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability at Twitter.

“A highly readable and enlightening introduction to the ethics of technology – with none of the usual finger-wagging! You’ll never look at your cell phone the same way again.” — Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley and author of Human Compatible: AI and the Problem of Control.

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The author of the book, Stephanie Hare is a researcher and broadcaster working across technology, politics and history. Selected for the BBC Expert Women programme, she frequently shares insights on television and radio. Previously she worked as a Principal Director at Accenture Research, a strategist at Palantir, a Senior Analyst at Oxford Analytica, and a consultant at Accenture. She held the Alistair Horne Visiting Fellowship at St Antony’s College, Oxford after earning a PhD and an MSc in Theory and History of International Relations, both from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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