Monday smile – Here today, gone tomato

You may or may not have heard, but in England at the moment there is a tomato shortage – to the point that they are being rationed by supermarkets.

The UK Government responses:

  • weather – too good
  • weather – too bad
  • energy costs (??)
  • eat turnips instead (?????)

At the same time, this blogger has spotted a wonderful irony. 😁 DEFRA (the UK Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) published a video a year or so ago, as legal guidance on imports of plants and plant products.

Guess which product they chose? Yup! TO-MA-TOES!!

It has to be said that it doesn’t exactly entice would-be importers to rush their tomatoes into the UK. 😱 In a similar vein you may remember the so-called ‘simple’ guide to exporting that I published here last year.

See what you think… 😉

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