Thousands of contracts from SEC filings

OneCLE Inc. is a State Bar of California-approved Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) provider. The owner used to be a senior executive at FindLaw. The OneCLE website makes available a host of contracts in English that have been filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, neatly classified into 282 categories including, but not limited to 😉

  • manufacturing
  • asset purchase
  • indemnification
  • registration rights
  • distribution
  • bankruptcy
  • leases from various States.

Whilst I wouldn’t ever recommend using ‘draft’ or ‘model’ agreements, often made available to the public to ‘save’ on lawyers’ fees, which may or may not be well written, these contracts have all been filed and relate to actual cases.

Of course you can also use EDGAR, who is not a faithful butler but the name of the SEC free access database. As well as contracts, here you can find company annual & quarterly reports, statements, prospectuses, notices, etc. However, it may take you 6 clicks to get to a full text, so be patient. It’s worth looking at the tutorial page.

Credits: Thanks to Elena S. who first brought the OneCLE site to my attention.

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