NAATI Introduction to interpreting – online course

590px-Coat_of_arms_of_Australia.svgThe National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in Australia offers an online course: ‘Introduction to Interpreting’ to assist potential candidates who wish to gain Accreditation or Recognition in building their knowledge and skills.

Readers may be aware of how important NAATI accreditation is in Australia and for Australian clients. Historically, the organization was established by the Government to set standards in the profession.

In the legal field, NAATI accreditation is, in particular, required for certified written translations. It would also appear to be desirable for court interpreting.

Please note that this course is not specific to court interpreting – it is general in scope.

The course Introduction to Interpreting is appropriate for anyone:

  • taking their first steps in preparation for a Paraprofessional Interpreter test
  • applying for Recognition
  • wishing to gain an understanding of Interpreting
  • undertaking professional development at a Paraprofessional level
  • unable to access other preparation training.

For more information click here, and see the online course brochure here.

This information is provided with the kind permission of NAATI.

Greece, Corinth CanalIf you are interested in reading about court interpreting, in Australia and beyond, I strongly recommend this article, published in the Journal of Judicial Administration: Appeals on incompetent interpreting by Alejandra Hayes and Sandra Hale (October 2010).

One thought on “NAATI Introduction to interpreting – online course

  1. The NAATI body holds an officially approved NAATI translation accreditation test. Successful completion of which grants the sitter a qualification, much like in any other educational institution.

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