Conference – Language issues in EU law, Opatija, Croatia

800px-Opatija_HafenA multidisciplinary international conference is to be held in Opatija, Croatia from 19-20 April 2013, entitled Language Issues in EU Law in the light of Croatian Accession, at Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

A wide range of topics will be covered: EU multilingual lawmaking, theoretical approach to legal translation in the EU, legal translation and comparative law, the impact of English on the translation of EU legislation, interpretation of multilingual legislation at the CJEU, multilingualism as an obstacle to harmonization, the call for a new legal culture, the fiction of autonomous EU legal concepts, creating Croatian terms for EU legal concepts, role of the Croatian language in the EU, new challenges to Croatian judges, implementation of Directive 2010/64/EU regarding the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings, and others.

Target audience: lawyers and linguists from academia, translators, court interpreters, judges.

For more information see the conference website.

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