BelTerme – a quadrilingual term bank from Belgium

logo56-51Those of you working from French into English, Dutch or German may be interested in the BelTerme term bank from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, containing around 4000 term records. Many are sourced from the Journal Officiel (the official gazette).

The terms are organized into 22 domains: agriculture; audiovisual & advertising; chemistry; electronic components; defence; finance & economy; education; genetic engineering; management; IT; marine technologies; nuclear; the elderly; oil & gas; health & medicine; sport; space technologies; telecommunications; remote sensing; tourism; transport; and urban planning & housing.

The graphical interface isn’t brilliant in my opinion, and you have to scroll down the side bar instead of searching directly for a term, but I think that the rich and well-organized term records outweigh those issues. I’d be interested to hear what German and Dutch speakers think.

For each term the following are included:

  • sa définition et la ou les source(s) dont elle est issue;
  • ses éventuels synonymes;
  • diverses catégories d’informations linguistiques ou encyclopédiques destinées à éclairer la réalité que ce terme désigne et l’usage de celui-ci en discours: notes explicatives, notes d’usage, catégorie grammaticale, flexion en genre et en nombre, restriction temporelle ou géographique, etc;
  • ses équivalents en néerlandais, allemand et anglais.

BelTerme also includes a thematic collection on vocabulaire de l’audit et la simplification administrative (to be found in the “Gestion” domain).

You can consult BelTerme here:

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