Conference – Global legal skills, Verona, Italy

800px-VeronaExIsolaDaCastSPietroThe next Global Legal Skills conference (GLS-9) is to be held at the University of Verona Faculty of Law, in Verona, Italy. The conference will begin in the late afternoon of Wednesday 21 May and continue through Friday 23 May 2014.

The conference audience will include legal writing professionals, international and comparative law professors, clinical professors and others involved in skills education, law school administrators, law librarians, and ESL/EFL professors and scholars. Also attending will be faculty members teaching general law subjects with a transnational or international component. Attendees have also included judges, lawyers, court translators and others involved in international and transnational law. Attendees come from around the world and as many as 35 countries have been represented in past conferences. 

Proposals are requested for a 25-minute presentation (for one or two people) or a group panel presentation (no more than four panelists) of one hour, on any aspect of Global Legal Skills, including experiential learning, distance education, comparative law, international law, course design and materials, teaching methods, and opportunities for teaching. The first deadline for submitting a proposal is 13 January 2014. Earlier submissions are encouraged.

I will post an update when the programme is announced. In the meantime for further information click here.

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