Monday smiles – On cronuts, zonuts and doissants

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s smile comes with a warning that you may need to visit a bakery afterwards…

Last week , I came across a thought-provoking article in The Wall Street Journal about “Why You Can’t ‘Own’ a Recipe“. The author, who worked as an intellectual property lawyer for more than a decade, discusses to what extent ownership might or might not be asserted over recipes and food.

Do read the article to find out, in addition to more about the Cronut™, what a “chocolate patent” is, and how copyright applies to the written expression of recipes – not to the idea behind them or to the taste of the food.

The other important point is, of course, how on earth (if at all) do we translate these inventions? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Monday smiles – On cronuts, zonuts and doissants

  1. I had the divine experience of eating a cronut (or crunchy donut, as they had to call it for TM reasons) at Mirabelle’s in Burlington VT just this past week end and all I can say is it was the most delicious thing I have tasted in a very, very long time. I chose a lavander essence and orage icing… My friend had creme brulee. The pastry in Switzerland is the closest experience, but this was even better!

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