Online course on Arabic legal translation

page1-436px-Egyptian_Intellectual_Property_Law_82_of_2002.pdfeCPD Webinars is running an online legal translation course (Arabic-English, English-Arabic). The course will take the form of three 90-minute training sessions over 3 weeks. Participants are expected to attend all three.

Course dates

10, 17 and 24 March 2014


Session 1: Concepts and Terminologies (10 March 2014)

The session introduces terms and concepts in: sources of obligations, adjudication, court proceedings and decisions.

Session 2: Legal Phrasing (17 March 2014)

Legal English and Arabic differ from other genres of language use. This session introduces basic rules for the purpose of translation of laws, bylaws and other such documents. Obligation, permission, exceptions, conditions, fact assertions, clichés and common legal expressions will be discussed.

Section 3: Contract Translation (24 March 2014)

The session discusses the translation of contracts, with a specific reference to a commercial contract.

For further details of the course and to register, click here.


Greece, Corinth CanalRegarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship with the company eCPD Webinars of any kind, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

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