Stop press – Linguee adds languages

lingueeFollowing my post last year about the translation search engine Linguee, its language combinations have been extended.

Here is an extract from their recent press release:

Linguee’s bilingual dictionary and translation search has been available for English and German, French, Spanish, Portuguese for several years now – reaching a total of 2 billion searches in November 2013. Today, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Italian, and Dutch are being added. 

Linguee works as a fast way of consulting bilingual corpora. Since much of the material used for the database comes from eur-Lex and Europarl, I find it quite useful for legal matters. Reliability of terms is still not perfect, but you can definitely get some good ideas from Linguee, to be followed up by further checks – for example using the CARS technique detailed in a recent guest post on research source evaluation.


Credit: Thanks to Catherine from Lingua Greca over at the blog Adventures in Freelance Translation for the heads-up. 🙂

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