Monday smiles – The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance

6a00d83451bd4469e2019b020dd98a970c-400wiToday’s Monday smile is in the form of a book review. Regular readers will be familiar with Lowering the Bar, a great legal humor blog curated by Kevin Underhill.

Kevin has just published his first book – a collection of odd laws called The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance (And Other Real Laws that Human Beings Actually Dreamed Up, Enacted, and Have Sometimes Even Enforced. The publisher is the American Bar Association.

To give you an idea of the content, here are some Q&As that appear on the back cover:

  • Is this book about Sasquatches?  No, it’s about strange-but-true laws.
  • I was really looking for a book about Sasquatches. That isn’t a question.
  • Are all the laws in this book actually real?  Yes.
  • Has a lawyer confirmed that?  Yes.
  • Was this book written by a lawyer?  Would that make you more or less likely to buy it?
  • What other books has this lawyer written? This is his first one, but he does write a legal-humor blog called Lowering the Bar (

You can see some reviews on here.


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