Symposium: On Becoming a Legal Translator, London, UK

University of Roehampton Grove House2The University of Roehampton and the open-access Journal of Specialised Translation are organizing a one-day event on Friday 9 January 2015 at the University of Roehampton, London, UK entitled Becoming a Legal Translator: a symposium.

This is the organizers’ description:

Thinking of becoming a legal translator? Already translating legal texts and keen to know more? Perhaps you are teaching on a legal translation course? This day of talks and workshops will feature speakers from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of experience in translating and interpreting. 

However, looking at the programme, I think experienced legal translators interested in developing their careers might be interested too. See what you think – the programme can be downloaded from this link.

The concession fee for the symposium is £65.00 and the full conference fee is £95.00. You can book a place by visiting the University of Roehampton online store by clicking here.

If you have any queries regarding the event, please contact Kristal Oakes (Academic Conferencing Coordinator) via email at kristal.oakes(at)


Greece, Corinth CanalIn the interests of disclosure: I’ll be speaking (ahem) at the symposium but will make no commercial gain of any sort from the event.


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