How Finnish legislation is made

450px-Eduskuntatalo_(Finnish_Parliament_building)Following a recent post “How English legislation is made” which seemed to be quite popular, here is a helpful guide made available by the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

I like the clear workflow chart of the Legislative Drafting Process Guide that you can click through to find out more about the various steps.

A section on glossaries and drafting instructions can be found here, several of which include Swedish, Russian and even French as well as Finnish and English.

In addition the Ministry of Justice also publishes the Finlex Data Bank with “up-to-date legislative and other judicial information”. It includes legislation, some translated, case-law, and secondary legislation. A further section gives access to international treaties, Government Bills and other publications on the drafting of laws.


hand gesture body languageYou might also be interested in this post from a while ago on Innovative lawmaking in Finland.


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