Finnish Government termbank

helsinki govtVALTER is a multilingual termbank containing glossaries compiled by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office and other Government agencies. Languages include, depending on the glossary, Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, French, German, Sami, Estonian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish…

  • Budget Glossary
  • Parliamentary Glossary
  • EMU Glossary
  • Climate and Energy Glossary
  • Public Buildings in Finland
  • Higher Education Glossary
  • Local Government Glossary
  • Finnish Military Ranks
  • Glossary of Court Terms
  • Labour Market Glossary
  • Finnish Government Glossary
  • Taxation Glossary
  • Government Agencies and Public Bodies

You will find them all collected together on the VALTER website here, and other smaller glossaries, term lists and other linguistic materials are available on the Prime Minister’s Office website.


hand gesture body languageSee also this past post on How Finnish legislation is made.

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