Book publication – Arabic-English-Arabic Legal Translation

9780415707527This week’s third book is the recently published Arabic-English-Arabic Legal Translation, by Dr Hanem El-Farahaty, who is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds, UK, an Associate of the Higher Education Academy, and a Lecturer at the University of Mansoura, Egypt.

Having been lucky enough to see Dr El-Farahaty presenting her work at a conference last year, I can give my own warm recommendation for this book.

I have not found any published reviews so far, but will try to post links as and when I come across them. In the meantime, you will find below some selected extracts from the publisher’s information.

“Arabic-English-Arabic Legal Translation provides a groundbreaking investigation of the issues found in legal translation between Arabic and English. Drawing on a contrastive-comparative approach, it analyses parallel authentic legal documents in both Arabic and English to examine the features of legal discourse in both languages and uncover the different translation techniques used. In so doing, it addresses the following questions:

  • What are the features of English and Arabic legal texts?
  • What are the similarities and differences of English and Arabic legal texts?
  • What are the difficult areas of legal translation between English and Arabic legal texts?
  • What are the techniques for translating these difficult areas on the lexical and syntactic levels?

Features include:

  • A thorough description of the features of legal translation in both English and Arabic, drawing on empirical new research, corpus data analysis and strategic two-way comparisons between source texts and target texts
  • Coverage of a broad range of topics including an outline of the chosen framework for data analysis, a historical survey of legal discourse developments in both Arabic and English and detailed analyses of legal literature at both the lexical and syntactic levels
  • Attention to common areas of difficulty such as Shariah Law terms, archaic terms and model auxiliaries
  • Many examples and excerpts from a wide selection of authentic legal documents, reinforced by practical discussion points, exercises and practice drills to encourage active engagement with the material and opportunities for hands-on learning.

“Well researched and handsomely documented…the study will be of interest to specialists in general and comparative linguistics, in addition to the scholars and professionals of translation. A special recognition is due the pedagogical aspect of El-Farahaty’s work which offers a functional two-way approach to the study of legal translation from and into Arabic and English in the form of original discussion topics and exercises for each chapter. Arabic language instructors will find the book a practical resource for training professional translators, as well as for teaching advanced content courses on legal translation.” Mirena Christoff, Brown University, USA

The publisher’s website contains further information here. More about the author can be found here.


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