Seminar – Clarification and Easification of Legislative Drafting

woman listenA last-minute stop-press announcement…

Tomorrow, 25 March 2015, from 2.30 to 5.30 pm, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London, England, is holding a seminar entitled Clarification and Easification of Legislative Drafting.

Chair:  Daphne Perry, Clarity; the International Association for Plain Legal Language

  • Jenny Gracie, Lawyer, Linguist and French Court-Approved Translator and Interpreter, on “Clear legal writing in France”
  • Daniel Greenberg, Parliamentary Counsel, UK, on “Plain language drafting: limited solution or complete red herring”
  • Dr Giulia Adriana Pennisi, University of Palermo, on “Easification of legislative drafting: a linguistic approach”
  • William Robinson, Associate Research Fellow, IALS, on “Could the EU do more to make its legislation clearer?”
  • Professor Helen Xanthaki, Sir William Dale Centre, IALS, on “A layered approach as a means of legislative easification”. 
For more information, see the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies webpage here.
Organised in association with the University of Palermo and Clarity.


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