Webinar – Introduction to Russian/English legal translation

On 26 May 2015 at 11.30 am, eCPD Webinars is hosting a webinar of 60-70 minutes in length plus Q&A, entitled An introduction to Russian/English legal translation.


  • The webinar will look briefly at the two different legal systems in Russia and the UK but also mention some of the differences between the UK and other English-speaking jurisdictions (e.g. the US).
  • It will then attempt to outline a few cases where the two systems meet (e.g. choice of law clauses) and describe a practical approach to some of the problems posed by the different systems.
  • The third section will look at terminology.


Siriol Hugh-Jones is a translator and former lawyer who specialises in legal translationSiriol Hugh-Jones from Russian and German into English. She began translating in the field of law back in 1991 and subsequently spent over eight years studying and then practising law in the City of London and in Moscow. As a lawyer, she worked in the areas of banking, company and commercial law and was for several years a member of the Projects Department of one of London’s leading international law firms.

See further information on the eCPD website here.

Greece, Corinth CanalRegarding disclosure, I have no commercial relationship with the company eCPD Webinars of any kind, and provide the above details purely for information purposes.

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