Dear Readers – Do you like the new design?

I thought that it was about time I “repainted” the blog environment to freshen it up. Another concern was to make it more friendly for tablets and other mobile devices. So… as you can see, I’ve taken the plunge, and I’d love to have your opinions.

Do vote below, and you can also email me if you have specific suggestions.

11 thoughts on “Dear Readers – Do you like the new design?

  1. Hi, Lucy, I think it looks attractive, but the font is a little pale for those of us who are getting on a bit? Is it possible to darken it up a bit? Otherwise, all good! Thanks, as always, for your hard work.

  2. I actually find the page layout more difficult to read and to find relevant information. Agree with Susanne about the font being too pale. Sorry.

    • Thanks for your input Steve. I’m sure I can do something about the font. As for readability, one of the constraints is being cross-device friendly, but I’ll see what can be done.

  3. Hello Juliette,
    First of all, thanks for all your work on the blog!
    I preferred being able to see several stories at the top, rather than having to scroll down. I can’t come to your blog every day, so it was good to be able see all the “newest” posts immediately. In addition, the new design strikes me as being very slick and “corporate”. Perhaps that’s what you wanted, though.
    However, it’s your blog, I’ll continue to visit it, and it’s very generous of you even to be giving us the opportunity to provide feedback.

    PS I followed up your link to a Russian-English webinar recently, and it was very good. Thanks for the tip!

    • Hello Margaret,
      I do know what you mean about arrangement of posts. As I said to Steve, it’s also a question of being mobile device-friendly.

      As for a “corporate” look, that wasn’t the intention! 🙂 I’d like it to look clean and efficient, and my taste is quite sober, but that was the case before as well.

      I’m glad you think it won’t stop you visiting, and anyway this is not set in stone – when all the feedback has come in I’ll try to do my best for everyone.

      Pleased that the webinar was useful for you.

      My thanks for following the blog. 🙂

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