Glossaries of Translation Studies terms

For many years I’ve been wishing that there was (standardized) glossary of the ‘jargon’ used in translation studies – if possible multilingual – to help non-academics and newcomers to the field to understand the research literature, and also, if they wish, to write about translation using those specialist terms. 

And finally I discovered that somebody had done it – and not just anybody – the highly respected Andrew Chesterman. The MonAKO Glossary provides definitions of central concepts in Translation Studies, and possible translations in Finnish, Swedish, German and French. More information about the project can be found here. You can download the glossary as an RTF file here.

Then I looked further, and found that the eminent Anthony Pym had also provided a collection of Translation research terms […], peppered with his characteristic and incisive wit, including “recommendations for their use in research on translation and interpreting”. You can find the list here.

The European Society for Translation Studies (EST) makes available a wiki-format glossary here.

Giuseppe Palumbo’s book Key Terms in Translation Studies includes (i) definitions of key terms within the discipline, (ii) central thinkers, and (iii) a bibliography of fundamental readings. See more on the publisher’s website here.

Published in 1999, Terminologie de la Traduction / Translation Terminology / Terminología de la Traducción / Terminologie der Übersetzung presents around 200 concepts, in four languages: French, English, Spanish and German. A dozen tables are aimed at helping the reader to understand the relationships between the concepts, and a bibliography completes each section. See more on the publisher’s website here.


Chesterman, A. (Ed.). MonAKO Glossary. Online at:
Delisle, J., Lee-Jahnke, H., & Cormier, M. C. (Eds.). (1999). Terminologie de la Traduction / Translation Terminology / Terminología de la Traducción / Terminologie der Übersetzung. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
EST Translation Studies Glossary. Online at:
Palumbo, G. (2009). Key Terms in Translation Studies. London: Bloomsbury.
Pym, A. (2011). Translation research terms: a tentative glossary for moments of perplexity and dispute. In From Translation Research Projects 3, Anthony Pym (Ed.), 75-110. Tarragona: Intercultural Studies Group.

Also see:

Shuttleworth, M. & Cowie, M. (1997). Dictionary of Translation Studies. Manchester: St. Jerome.


hat tip copyHat tip to Gianluca Pontrandolfo for kindly adding the two published books by Palumbo and by Delisle et al.

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