Third Roundtable on Forensic Linguistics, Mainz, Germany

mainzThe Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL) is holding its Roundtable in Forensic Linguistics 2015, which will be the third annual event, from September 4th- 6th 2015 in Mainz, Germany.

The purpose of the GSFL Roundtable is to provide researchers, teachers, and practitioners working within forensic linguistics the opportunity to present and discuss their work within an interdisciplinary setting.

* * *

The following areas formed the call for papers. As far as I can see, no detailed programme is yet available on the conference website.

Forensic Linguistics

– Speaker identification and voice comparison
– Authorship identification, verification, and attribution
– Detecting plagiarism
– Computational methods of linguistic profiling
– Corpus analysis of forensic texts (e.g. confessions, courtroom transcripts, police protocols, suicide letters, threatening letters)
​- The language of (violent) offenders and/or victims

Forensic Phonetics

– Speaker discrimination
– Perceptual speaker identification
– Foreign/second language speaker and identification
– Formant measurement, dynamics, and pattern identification
– Intra- and inter-speaker variation
– Automatic speaker recognition
– Cross-linguistic voice recognition

Forensic Linguistics/Phonetics, the Law, and the Legal Process

– Ear witnesses and lineup procedures
– Courtroom interpreting and translating
– Multilingualism and the legal system
– Language minorities and the law
– Legal discourse and legal texts
– Language testing, citizenship, and asylum
– Investigative interviewing and/or interrogative practices
– Legal policies on presenting expert witness testimony and evidence
– Deception detection
– Statutory interpretation
– Plain language movements

Forensic Linguistics/Phonetics and Education

– Developing FL/FP programs and curricula
– FL instructional materials (textbooks, audiovisual aids, corpora, etc.)
– Developing ties with universities and professional organizations
– Interdisciplinary challenges and promises
– The future of FL education inside and outside of Europe
– Teaching ethical standards in FL/FP research and application


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