Job opportunity – Linguistic services, International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea


The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, located in Hamburg, Germany, has a vacancy for a Senior Translator/Reviser (French into English) – Head of Linguistic Services.

The incumbent is responsible, inter alia, for:

  • Translating into English legal and judicial texts, administrative documents and other texts, including texts of a sensitive, complex or technical nature;
  • Revising and editing translations, publications and other texts;
  • Ensuring the efficient organization and planning of translation and interpretation requirements;
  • Maintaining a list of external translators, interpreters and verbatim reporters to cover cases and sessions;
  • Providing assistance and advice to the Registrar on matters relating to interpretation technology, text processing and publications;
  • Supervising the work of the Tribunal’s Linguistic Services.

For full details of the post see the ITLOS website here.

Completed applications are to be received no later than 10 September 2015.


Specific photo credit: French Fishing Vessel ‘Alf’ in the Irish Sea © Crown Copyright 2013, Photographer: Royal Navy.


Greece, Corinth CanalDisclaimer: The above does not contain all details of the job opportunity and is provided as a heads-up only. Please refer to the ITLOS website for all information.

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