World Bank Report – Women, business and the law

wbl coverThe World Bank has recently published the 4th edition of its series Women, Business and the Law, which provides data on legal and regulatory barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and employment in 173 economies, covering seven areas: accessing institutions, using property, getting a job, providing incentives to work, building credit, going to court, and protecting women from violence.

The report measures how laws, regulations and institutions differentiate between women and men in ways that may affect women’s incentives or capacity to work or to set up and run a business.

It can be downloaded here. A video presentation (approx. 90 minutes) can be watched here.

A great quote from the keynote address by Kaushik Basu, Senior Vice Present and Chief Economist at the World Bank – “It is a quiet document. It is not in your face advocacy. […] It’s up to you where you run with it.”

He also described the compendium as “a unique dataset“. “One of the most comprehensive“.

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