Annoying words

Today is an unusual post – I’d like to ask for your help. I’m collecting words, in as many different languages as possible, about the legal translation profession that people find irritating, annoying, frustrating, or devaluing. Let me give you an example that bothers me: describing translators (i.e. people) as “assets” or “resources”.

I’d be really grateful if you could send me as many examples as possible – preferably not in English – either to describe translators, or the buying/selling of translation, or any parts of the translation process.

You are most welcome to tweet, to add a comment below, or to use the sidebar email form.

Thanks in advance!


9 thoughts on “Annoying words

  1. I hate being addressed as “Dear Vendor” by agencies. Although even worse is receiving emails sent to (presumably) hundreds of us who are listed on proZ, starting just “Hi”, and asking for a CV.

  2. “Linguists”! As a translator with a BA in linguistics, it really frustrates me that so many people in the translation industry doesn’t seem to understand the difference.

  3. And why, oh, why, are agencies (self-) termed as LSPs? (Language service providers, to the uninformed). Really? That should be us (the translators), shouldn’t we?

  4. Please do keep contributing everybody, and especially in languages *other* than English. This is not an idle conversation for me, I promise I am going to work on them and try to make a difference.

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