Stop Press! Conference on law & language, Haifa

A4The Sixth International Conference on Law, Language and Discourse will take place at the University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel from 1-4 August 2016. The theme is “The development of legal language and its interpretation: Linguistic and pragmatic aspects of the evolution of the synchronic understanding of legal texts”. Despite the proximity of the date, registration is still open.

Previous conferences held in China and Sweden have also examined the theme of how synchronous understanding of legal language and judicial interpretation has developed through history.

The Conference gives an opportunity to the participants in a global context to present, listen to and discuss, in plenary sessions and workshops, fundamental issues on this topic from the perspectives of several systems of law in different historical areas, including ancient systems of law (Chinese, Roman, etc.), religious law (Jewish, Christian, etc.), as well as modern Continental and common law.

Click here for the programme and here for more details, or see the conference website.

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